New Eyes

by What we do in secret

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released September 10, 2013



all rights reserved


What we do in secret Memphis, Tennessee

We are an inspirational hardcore band from Memphis TN; sharing the love of Jesus Christ through our Chaotic music.

Jesus is Freedom. This band is dedicated to Freedom. Portrayed in Love and chaos on stage to reveal the freedom found in Christ in a chaotic world.
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Track Name: Head Knowledge
Rise your eyes up

Your staring at your feet and we will not stand for it

Rise your eyes up (x4)

I'm not preaching at you I just want to see you come with us

I Speak with love But you cannot see it

Because you're stuck hiding behind your intelligence

Why do we stand on the banks of his rivers of mercy?

Jump in (x4)

We're drowning in the grace set before us

Stand strong In your doctrine

Stand strong In your bewitchment

Your arrogance will be your

Downfall (x3)

Your arrogance comes from your learned knowledge in deceit

Your bewitchment of Grace Has sealed your defeat
Track Name: Racing thoughts of value
Guy: I've been thinking too much lately.

Thoughts racing though my head I can't control.

I feel like my mind and body are ripping apart.

It's driving me mad.

My mind will never be at rest as long as there is this unrest.

So now I taste the cold steel at my lips

Not knowing what will happen next.

Will I pull that trigger

And take the easy way out?

Will this cold steel be my last memory

Or for that last split second

Will I taste the warm red on my tongue

As that lead tears through my head

Voices: You'll never pull that!

Guy: Voices in my head

Voices: You'll never pull that!

Guy: Taunting me. This will end tonight.

Voices: You coward. You'll never pull that trigger.

You're weak and you'll never pull that trigger.

God/Truth: Silence! True cowards try to end others

when they have no power.

You have no power here

So listen to my voice!

Your life is worth so much more

Than to take it for the things

They have said about you
Track Name: Why Stand?
Why Stand?:

If this is it why are we still standing?

Why bother waiting?

Why stand?(x2)

If our new flesh is the same as; the dead one;

With "Christian" words; wrapped around it;

(Nathan) Why bother waiting?

If our new life; as little Christ's;

Is "spiritual" words; wrapped around the same thing;

(Nathan) Why are we still standing?

Here is something that you might have over looked;

Our flesh is dead

Why do we teach this man-made religion

That resurrects dead flesh?

We have turned the love of another into

Our right hands;

A form of management for something

That's supposed to be dead;

Just a means to get off until

Our flesh rises up again.

She isn't a form of management

If she is, I would rather be in a bed

Put me in a bed (x3)

Why are we still standing? Lay me in a bed

But there might be more

Than just management for

Dead flesh!(x4)
Track Name: New Eyes
Just because we're living

Doesn't mean we can hear what is said.

Just because we're living

Doesn't mean we can see what is done

Or understand

What is written on the


We all have eyes, but not all of us can see.

We all have ears, but not all of us can hear.

We've all been deafened

Here are your new eyes and here are your new ears (x2)

The books open, but the pages seem to be empty

No light reflected off the white

And the eyes can't see

We've all been blinded, but He has given us His eyes

We've all been blinded. We've all been deafened

Here are your new eyes. Here are your new ears.

Here is your new life.

You can spit in my face, throw mud in my eyes,

But He washed my filth and gave me His eyes.
Track Name: Take my Head!
Crush his head!

I'm sick of these voices inside my head

I've heard of one that doesn't speak about my past

But shame is my advocate

And damned we are with these voices

This is message to those who seek truth

Your battle has been won By the one who died for you

Those lies in your head are from the one that hates you

False prophets, false prophecies (x2)

Rejoice in the truth. He died for you

Rejoice in the truth. He took it all for you

Hold those hands steady. We have our victory

Hold those hands steady. And shout our victory

Take all You've seen in me

Shame will no longer be my advocate

Put Your Son inside of me

That liar taunts us with false flags and false prophecies

They have taken our rights

Don't be deceived By their true lies

False prophets, false prophecies (x2)

Rejoice in the truth. He died for you

Rejoice in the truth. He took it all for you

You will be given a choice. Take his mark! Take his mark!

I will not take that mark. You can take my head.

Take my head! You better take my head Take my head!